HALLDE develops, manufactures and markets well thought out
food preparation machines and accessories designed for ...

  • Wide preparation range.
  • Very high capacity.
  • Perfect results.
  • User friendly design solutions and best ergonomics.
  • Fast, easy cleaning and best hygiene.
  • Steady operating position, easy moving and practical storing.
  • Exemplary safety.
  • Outstanding quality.

200 representatives in 80 countries and on all continents

  • Approximately 85% of HALLDE’s production is exported worldwide and
    distributed by 200 representatives in 80 countries and on all continents.


Certifications, Standards and Directives
  • The HALLDE company is certified in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001.
  • All HALLDE machines distributed on the European market meet the requirements for CE marking. See bottom of this page “Declaration of Conformity”.
  • All HALLDE Vegetable Preparation Machines (RG and CC-Line) are designed to meet the European standard EN 1678 Vegetable cutting machines - Safety and hygiene requirements.
  • All HALLDE Vertical Cutter Mixers/Blenders (VCM, VCS, VCB and CC-Line) and the HALLDE Blender (SB-4) are designed to meet the European standard EN 12852 Food processors and blenders - Safety and hygiene requirements.
  • All HALLDE Machines distributed in the U.S.A are UL approved.
  • All HALLDE Machines distributed in the U.S.A are NSF listed.
  • Download Declaration of Conformity (13 languages).
It all started 1941

HALLDE Potato Dicer
A Hallde Vegetable PreparationMachine from 1948.

For seven decades now, the Swedish company, HALLDE,
has produced food preparation machines.

The founder Mr. Ernst Hall had a brilliant idea – to construct
a machine that produced beautiful soft pieces of butter that were easy to spread. This also made the butter portions
look bigger – a big plus during this period and its rationing.
The timing was perfect. Ernst and his new company got a flying start.

The butter portioner was followed by other products and pretty soon HALLDE started to produce Vegetable Preparation Machines. The Vegetable Preparation Machine was a great success and it did not take long until foreign buyers were knocking on Mr. Hall’s door.


Many things have changed over the last 70 years, yet we are pleased to see how well Ernst Halls's ideas still meet today's needs and requirements. He always had high quality as his guiding principle and this is a tradition that has been maintained in the company.

HALLDE Button Portioner
Butter portioner from 1941


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