Sweden’s best food trucks in Kungsträdgården

It’s impossible to miss the huge food truck trend this summer. The colourful food trucks have completely taken over the city. And it’s all about finding the right ones. Should you go with a Vietnamese Kao Lao or a vegan burger?

After last year’s success, the Swedish National Food Truck Championship (now in collaboration with Sthlm Street Food) will take over Kungsträdgården with a full day of events, DJs and, of course, lots and lots of food. Here you can test around 50 food trucks and find your favourite.

Dishes from all corners of the world served from a vehicle are, of course, not actually new. Food trucks in various forms have been used around the world for several hundred years. Street food has been the cheap way of selling and buying cooked food.

In the modern western world, demand has mostly been from people on the go who want food fast – but it has to be well-prepared. And when you get it right, it works. Today, every fifth restaurant owner in the US also has a food truck version of their offering. And over 2.8 billion people around the world visit food trucks every single day.

In Sweden, the phenomenon is quite new. But in the 1950s in Sweden, there were trucks that went around to homemakers offering peas and mayonnaise and teaching them how to prepare new dishes. Strangely enough, these kitchens on wheels became extremely popular, and over time they transformed into mobile grocery shops that went around the suburbs and sold food.

Then in Sweden, the term food truck came to be associated with markets and festivals. Since the trend started just over five years ago, it has developed rapidly. The first licences were issued in 2013, after which the trend exploded. Today, food trucks can be found in almost any Swedish city.

So, don’t miss Sthlm Street Food in Kungsträdgården – a genuine party for the people this summer! There will also be magicians from Robert Bronett’s MagicXmas event and great music from DJs and guest artists.

Join us! Taste and discover! There will be dishes from all corners of the world, and 30 food trucks will compete with their top dishes in the Swedish National Food Truck Championship. Even the public will get to share their opinions. The people’s choice award will go to the food truck that sells the most meals during the day.

That’s pretty cool – food from all over the world in the middle of “Kungsan” on 9 September. You really can’t miss this!

Text: Liisa Aus/Stockholmsmässan
Image source: Stockholmsmässan/Sthlm Street Food