The demand for organic food is on the rise!

Both restaurant owners and shops are placing a greater focus on organic food and demand is on the rise. What is it that drives the development in that direction, environmental consciousness, health, taste, a concern for those who produce, small producers with unique primary products, or…?

The views are many and in order to gain a few concrete thoughts surrounding the topic I spoke with Paul Svensson, a top Swedish chef with major distinctions under his belt. Paul is Culinary Creator at “Fotografiska” in Stockholm and has a strong focus on organic and natural primary products.

Paul is of the opinion that the demand for organic primary products has increased, globally, and that there is a general consciousness that this protects the environment, it is about us taking responsibility, having an interest in health and taste; we only have one Earth and we need to take care of it. From his culinary creator perspective all of this is naturally in consideration and in cooking, a significant focus is naturally placed on creating enjoyment – a taste and flavour experience. This is best done with natural primary products. From a consumer perspective Paul also mentions that sometimes it is thought to be linked to the fear of what we eat and thus there is a feeling of security in eating organic food.

Shops, in general, are increasing their organic product range and in many countries this has been taken one step further to organic goods chains where the product range is supplemented with small-scale products, without additives. Some examples are “Whole Foods and Sprouts” in the USA, “Whole Foods Market” in the UK, Dutch “Marqt” and “Bioplaza” and in June “Paradiset” opened its first shop in Sweden and is setting its stakes on expansion.

The product range is controlled by demand…by choosing products, shops, and restaurants that offer what we want, consumer power is utilised. Shops are encouraged to offer what we choose to put in our shopping trolleys and restaurants to serve what we choose on the menu; quite simple really. What is it that determines this choice? That is something each and every person must ask themselves.

Malin Annebäck Boudet,
Marketing Director