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Cheese Shredder RG-400i!


HALLDE expands the cutting tool range!

Value time and money!

How much time and money do you save by using a HALLDE vs. hand cut? 

Cutting tool guide

HALLDE offers a wide selection of cutting tools.

New machine shreds 2.9 tons/h

Shred whole blocks of cheese at once.

Cheese Shredder RG-400i shreds up to 48 kg of cheese/ min!

Kitchen time saver!

27 kg diced onions in five minutes

First, the chef cut cubes by hand, and then with a professional food preparation machine, HALLDE RG-250 diwash, – after which we place the videos side by side… Save time and money!

Save time!

What takes 5 minutes with a machine, takes 5 hours by hand, if you are fast…

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HALLDE Workstation

Create your most efficient workstation in your food preparation process!

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