Quality Policy

“We shall develop, manufacture and market flawless and competitive food preparation machines for professional use, including vegetable preparation machines, vertical cutters and blenders, and ensure that these are delivered to our customers on time”

“Through our advanced knowledge, we shall continue to be one of the leading companies in this area, providing a complete product range marketed through retailers”

“We shall constantly improve our products and services to comply with regulatory demands and our customers’ requirements”.

Environmental Policy

HALLDE shall strive to minimise its own environmental impact, as well as that of its suppliers and customers, to the extent this is ecologically motivated, technically possible and financially reasonable.

We do this by:

  • Continuously increasing our knowledge and commitment to environmental issues that affect us and the use of our products to protect the environment
  • Developing, manufacturing and marketing environmentally-adapted food processing machines for sustained professional use
  • Identifying, interpreting and fulfilling the environmental laws and requirements affecting our operations

Sorting our waste at source, choosing environmentally-friendly transport options and packaging materials and preventing pollution as far as possible.

Our environmental is to be steadily improved by means of continuously revised environmental targets and programs of action.

Our environmental policy is to be reconsidered each time a new environmental study is conducted.