The food of the future is in Mexico City!

Join us in one of the world’s most exciting food cities and try exotic snacks. Both inexpensive and environmentally-friendly.

These delicacies are to be found all around, both as street food and fine dining. Often roasted plain or with chili and oil. The taste is really exciting – a touch of forest, bark and a lovely acidity. Extra luxurious when served with delicious sauces and on top of a cheese-filled squash blossom. The most noteworthy is butter-fried ant eggs (escamoles). My favourites, after all, were roasted larvae, which were fluffy and crispy at the same time.

If it is on your way, I would highly recommend a visit to Mercado de San Juan, one of the world’s most exotic market halls. For fine dining, Restaurant Cuauhtémoc is a must.

Susanne Ardbo,
Food Inspirer, Måltid i Stockholm AB