The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

Reducing food waste at retail, food service and household level can provide multi-faceted benefits for both people and the planet.

Food waste can be reduced, both domestically and in the food service industry, with relatively simple means.

A few basic tips:

  • Store food at the right temperature.
  • Freeze food that is over.
  • Pieces of cheese can be grated and used later in gratins.
  • Make use of leftover ingredients – use them in new dishes or for finger food/buffets.
  • Apply efficient logistics to food preparation planning – everything from purchasing to portion sizes in the meals. Plan the menu so that raw materials are utilised optimally.
  • Save pieces of bread, dry them, and use them as breadcrumbs or croutons.
  • Use edged fruits in a smoothie or make fruit salad.
  • Season dressings and soups with the stems of the herbs you have used as decoration.
  • Plan the menu with the seasons.
  • In the grocery store – establish a shelf named “eat soon” and lower the price.
  • At the restaurant – offer doggy-bag!
  • Use the “whole product”:
    –  make a broth out of leftover chicken
    –  use the stems of broccoli as well as the florets in salads.

Use your creativity, save money and the environment, together we can make a difference!