HALLDE saves you time in the kitchen!

Vegetable preparation machines versus hand-cut

To show how much time you can save with a vegetable preparation machine, we have enlisted the help of a professional chef.

The chef cut carrots into 2mm x 2mm julienne for 5 minutes. First by hand, then with the help of a professional food preparation machine, the HALLDE RG-250 diwash. And what were the results? Watch the video here!

There are many arguments in favour of using really good catering equipment rather than cutting by hand:

  • Save time – what takes 5 minutes with a machine, takes 5 hours by hand
  • Save money – the repayment period is shorter than you think, read more here!
  • Hygiene – it is difficult to use plastic gloves when cutting by hand!
  • Safety – double safety switches, the risks are greater with a regular knife
  • The cutting result – precision is difficult by hand, even if you are a professional…

The RG-250 diwash’s removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher – cleaning is quick and easy!

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