Vegetable Preparation Machine RG-250 diwash

Vegetable Preparation Machine RG-250 diwash processes up to 1000 portions per day/
10 kg per minute. The machine slices, grates, shreds, dices cuts julienne, crimping slices and potato chips in a variety of dimensions…

  • Cutting tools for RG-250 diwash are made of Stainless steel and have replaceable knife blades
  • The cutting tools make precise and clean cuts
  • The machine has a full moon shaped large feed cylinder
  • The diwash parts with patented coating
    enabling machine dishwash
  • The diwash parts, in food-zones, have a smooth surface which results in minimal friction
  • Using RG-250 diwash is very time saving
  • The design of the handle gives a leverage
    effect, Ergo-loop
  • The efficient start/ stop function enables continuous feeding
  • RG-250 diwash has a leaning design which makes it easy to feed
  • The built-in tube feeder is used while cutting long-stretched products such as cucumber and leek.
  • The machine makes the preparation fast and it’s very easy to clean.
  • It is equipped with handles that enable easy moving
  • Suitable on a machine table
  • Exemplary safety
  • It’s a robust heavy duty machine


RG-250 diwash suits in medium to large sized professional kitchens; bakery, catering, hospital,
care homes, marine, military canteen, prison, restaurant, school, food industry, supermarkets etc.

How much time and money do you save by using a HALLDE vs. hand cut?

Using a HALLDE Vegetable Preparation Machine is refunded faster than you can imagine. Select in the drop list and fill out the fields marked * with what applies for your business.

Does it seem unreasonably advantageous to use a machine?
This is what we have done:
We timed how long it took for one of Sweden’s top chefs to cut 1 kg of the listed products in specific cuts and dimensions, by hand. The same calculation has been made with Vegetable Preparation Machine RG-100. The values have then been entered into the calculation.

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